National Immigration Law Center

27 years ago, Congress passed a law that blocked immigrants who had not had their “green card” for at least five years from accessing health care, food aid, or income assistance. It also said that many other categories of immigrants, like TPS holders or COFA migrants, shouldn’t get any assistance at all. It is past time to restore access to necessary health care and social services for immigrants by taking this first step towards justice and repealing that 1996 law.

That's why we're calling on members of Congress to cosponsor the LIFT the BAR Act, which, if passed, would make all lawfully present immigrants eligible for federal programs like Medicaid, SNAP, CHIP, TANF, and SSI — without waiting periods. 

States around the country have taken action to make all immigrants, regardless of status, eligible for assistance, so the least Congress can do is take the first step by undoing the racist, xenophobic 1996 law. You can learn more on our LIFT the BAR Act factsheet and through our partners in the Protecting Immigrant Families network.  

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